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Over 50 years ago, Michael de la Place, the founder of St.Genève, was delighted by the blissful comfort of his parent’s new European down duvet. At the time, duvets were virtually unknown in North America, and Michael was instantly enchanted. He has made it his mission to bring this experience to bedrooms across Canada with his line of Canadian-made duvets, pillows, and bed linens.

This sense of comfort is the deciding factor in every design, manufacturing, and service decision at St Genève. We are committed to authenticity and continually strive to produce the most luxurious bed linens, down duvets and pillows that you will ever experience, with quality materials that will last for many years. They travel the globe to select the most exquisite textiles and natural fibres, ensuring their suppliers meet the highest ethical and quality standards.

We do more than craft the world’s finest down products and bed linens: we create exquisite elements from which you can create a blissful sanctuary – a place where the cares of the world fall away, providing a lifetime of good nights, and great days. 

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